Monday, November 24, 2014

The Blogging Blues

Vest- J. Crew Factory (similar) / Blouse- J. Crew Factory / Denim- J. Crew / Scarf- J. Crew (similar) / Boots- Hunter 

I've taken blogging breaks here and there throughout the two years since I started. It's usually due to a lack of time, and I'm always excited to get back into it. Recently, that feeling has started to change. I haven't been motivated to catch up, and it boils down to one main culprit- guilt. I feel guilty when I haven't posted enough, guilty when I don't respond to comments, guilty when I don't comment on other people's blog posts. You get the idea. I really had no vision when I started blogging. I just liked the outfits I saw on Pinterest, and I realized a lot of them were posted by girls just like me. I decided to give it a shot, and it became the perfect hobby and outlet for all my stress. Grad school was full of tests, practicums, and internships, but blogging gave me a place to stay creative. Last year was my first year of full-time work, and, again, I used the blogging community as a way to maintain a sense of creativity and individuality. 

My life has changed a lot in the past year, and there are a lot more changes on the way. I love my job, but work has been insane. If I can manage a shower and stay awake past 8:30pm, I consider my night a success. Throw in the fact that I have to wear a uniform and taking daily outfit pictures isn't the easiest thing in the world. Most of my weekends are spent in Milwaukee with Denny, and I'm trying to be better about seeing friends. Basically, I'm trying to find a balance. Recently, blogging just hasn't fit in the picture. I don't necessarily have a plan moving forward. Take a month off? Take a year off? Take a week off? I'm just trying to go with my gut and pick it back up when it feels right. 

Of course I feel that lingering sense of guilt for not being around, but I'm planning on keeping up my Instagram since it's much easier and less time consuming (follow me @teaandsequins). I'll do my best to link up outfit details and keep in touch with everyone there! Thanks so much to everyone who has followed my blogging journey, and I hope to be back with a new renewed sense of energy in the future. You guys are the best!

Happy Shopping! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

The White Sweater

Sweater- J. Crew / Cords- Gap (similar) / Scarf- Zara (similar) / Flats- Tory Burch 

I've been looking for a great white sweater for, oh, 3 years now. Unfortunately, having a large chest doesn't always work well with a light color and bulky knit. I absolutely love the look of cable knit, but after trying on a bunch from all over (Old Navy, Madewell, Gap), I finally had to concede that white cable knit and I may never be friends. (It's devastating, I know.) Recently, I saw this one on the clearance rack and decided to give it a shot. Now I may not take it off the rest of the winter. It's just so cozy, and I just love the look of white in winter. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I successfully managed to have another low-key weekend (you know you're getting old when "low-key" equals "success"). I know with the holidays coming up things will start to get crazy so I'm trying to hunker down and enjoy the down time while also saving some money. 

Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Accidental Repeat

Pairing this blue flannel with these blue cords seemed like a natural choice. So natural, in fact, and that I realized I wore this exact same outfit one year ago. So much for originality. 

Anyone have any good plans for the weekend? After last weekend in which I literally only got off my couch once, I've decided to be a little more productive and social- lunch with grandma, a babysitting gig with some of my favorite kiddos, and a staycation at a local hotel with Denny are all on the agenda.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy shopping! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm Running Out of Titles

Sweatshirt- J. Crew / Pants- Gap / Shoes- Sperry / Watch- Michael Kors 

I've never been particularly creative with titles, but now I'm even starting to run out of my go-to basic outfit titles. You can only use "Stripes and Camo" so many times. I really should start writing my posts on weekends when I have some remaining brain capacity left, but I never seem to get around to it. (My tv watching schedule is really packed.) So sorry for the lack of creativity and inspiration around here! I guess I won't be winning a Pulitzer any time soon. 

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Leopard Coat-ing

Coat- Banana Republic (similar) / Tee- J. Crew / Denim- J. Crew / Booties- Old Navy (similar)

I'm always looking for ways to make this coat a little more casual. Don't get me wrong- I love dressing it up, but I don't dress up that often in my day-to-day life. So then it would never get worn!

I came down with a very bizarre 12 hour flu bug last Thursday, and, while I no longer had a fever, I decided to lay low most of the weekend. I felt bad not seeing Denny but let's be real- I am the QUEEN of loving a weekend with no plans. I'm sure there could be something said for being social and going to  a Halloween party, but I was beyond pleased with my Target trip, 13 episodes of Criminal Minds, and 7:45pm Friday night bed time weekend. 

... Maybe I should try seeing a friend next weekend. 

Happy Shopping!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 2014 Budget

J. Crew Factory Classic Plaid Button-Down: Originally $64.50 + clearance price + 30% off = $30
J. Crew Painter Tee with Zips: Originally $49.50 + 30% off = $38
J. Crew Factory Funnelneck Sweatshirt: Originally $88 + 50% off = $44
J. Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest (similar): $100 via eBay
J. Crew Golden Plate and Crystal Earrings: Originally $35 + mark down + 30% off= $12
Kate Spade Cedar Street Lacey Wallet: Originally $178 + 25% off = $134

Total: $354
eBay sales: $143

Total: $211

This month I finally nabbed a few pieces that I had been hoping would go on sale. The wait paid off, and I was able to get almost everything on a discount. I say almost because the one thing I ended up spending more than the original price on? This damn vest. I had it in my online shopping cart for months but never pulled the trigger, and then it sold out. I wavered on getting it via eBay since I knew I'd be paying more, but I managed to make enough off my own eBay sales this month that I could justify it. I'm really glad I did because I've been wearing it constantly! As you can see above, I gravitated towards navy and red pieces this month, and the vest is a great pairing with both. It's also been perfect for our mild October weather here in Chicago.

I also crossed an item off my list that's been there forever- a new wallet. My Target one served me well for a few years, but it didn't hold very much and was on its last legs. Thanks to the Kate Spade Friends & Family sale I was able to grab this adorable leopard-print one that will work well with my bags. Because what kind of monster doesn't match their wallet to their bag?

How did you do this month?

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Happy Shopping!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Chambray, Red & Leopard

Vest- J. Crew / Chambray- J. Crew / Skinnies- Gap / Scarf- J. Crew Factory / Booties- Old Navy / Watch- Michael Kors

I'm trying to come up with something witty to write about this outfit, but I'm too busy stressing out about all the work I have due this week. Come October, I'm ready for a break, but instead I seem to be drowning in meetings, reports, and progress reports. Sigh. I guess you have to take the good parts of the job with the bad. 

Hope everyone else's week is a little less stressful!

Happy Shopping! 

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